Launched in early 2019 #MoneyHacks is a not-for-profit project with the aim of delivering financial education to young people in Leeds in the form of face to face group training sessions. I was approached by project lead, Karol Thornton, to get involved while he was busy securing the funding. 

His words perfectly explain the need for this kind of education and why it’s so relevant for young people right now…

“Promoting positive financial habits is more important than ever for our young people. Our project talks to children and teenagers about good saving and spending habits, budgeting, money management and lots more. Giving kids the power to make informed decisions is one step towards preventing the kind of financial issues we see growing in society right now like excessive debt and poverty.”

We’ve been working with Karol and the team to devise a number of modules for the project that cover budgeting, cost of living, saving and borrowing and fraud and scams, gambling and social gaming, all relevant to our target age group of 11 – 18 year olds. All the content we create is branded for the project and each module includes a slide deck, activities, activity sheets, trainer guides and additional resources. 

There is a small but perfectly formed team of experienced trainers and educators who deliver the training across Leeds (they also train up teachers and educators to deliver the training themselves.) We support the trainers with updating content, training resources and collecting and promoting feedback. 

The project has launched first in Leeds supported by Chapeltown Citizens Advice Bureau, Leeds Community Foundation and Lowell Giving Community Fund. We are currently helping to build relationships with schools and youth groups across the region in order to deliver this training to their young people.

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Video is a key component of content marketing. Including a video on a landing page is said to increase conversion by 80% – and there are lots more stats to back up the use of video from Hubspot right here. are one of our exciting new projects; a #proptech startup looking to disrupt the property letting market. Since their new website launched we’ve been creating a range of content and blogs for However, in order to quickly and effectively get the message out there about this new concept, we knew a video would make a considerable difference.

To begin with we considered what we wanted to say and why. What were the key messages we wanted to get across and how could we do this visually? We then drafted a script that would portray the brand as well as clearly deliver the key messages and benefits.

We enlisted the help of a friend and professional videographer to film and edit the video, and once the logistics, resources and actors were arranged we were able to finalise the scenes and storyboard.

Our prep ensured filming ran smoothly. Here are a few shots of the team in action…

video content

video content marketing

video content marketing

Some professional editing and producing later and our video was complete and ready to share. The team were delighted with the finished video and now have a fantastic way to quickly explain their new brand to the world. As well as bringing a brand to life, video helps keeps users engaged on your website and particularly on social media.

We would always encourage our clients to try and incorporate some kind of video into their content strategy. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us for a chat.