Keyword Research

Keyword Research


We’ll research 30 – 50 keyword terms for you and recommend the top 5.

We’ll provide you with a breakdown of the keyword terms we researched and an explanation of why we recommend the ones we present to you. This will be based on a combination of search intent, search volume, competitiveness, and what competitors are doing.

We’ll provide you with the full list and breakdown to search terms and data as well as our recommendations, so you can see how we got to those 5 key recommendations.

When would this package be useful?

This package works best as an add on to either the webcopy package or the blog package. However, you may be planning on writing your won webcopy or blog and simply need the keyword research, and that’s fine too!

This Keyword Package is available to purchase immediately. Once you have purchased a package we’ll contact you within 24 hours and ask you to complete our initial survey within 7 days of purchase. The package must be complete within 30 days.

Please feel free to contact us before you purchase if you prefer.

Anything else?

By buy purchasing this package online you’re agreeing to our terms and conditions (there’s nothing unusual in there we promise!)




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