Holiday Home | Strategy and Branding

Creation of Marketing Strategy, Branding Strategy, Communication Plan for this Chester holiday home. Enjoy The Pause have a focus on wellbeing and plans to grow their brand. 

This included audience persona work, market analysis, objective setting, values and tone-of-voice and brand personality work. 

We also briefed and worked closely with Thai Folk Studio (of the H.O.T Collective) to deliver full visual branding. 

This family-run business delivers all marketing themselves and wanted to invest in a branding package that would enable them to take a continue in a more informed way. 

Marketing Strategy Holiday Home

Outcomes + Results

Increased social media output and engagement. Client confidence and clarity, to deliver communications post-2021-lockdown.

“If I had a testimonial I’d put it here! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.” – Paula, Owner of Enjoy the Pause

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