HOTEL maiyango

Hotel and Restaurant | Remote Marketing Department

Hotel and Restaurant Maiyango were a boutique UK hotel and restaurant holding a number of foodie events each month.

Maiyango had a strong team but only 1 member working on marketing, they required some expertise and extra resource.

We were the remote marketing department for this Leicester hotel. We worked on an ongoing basis to create content and deliver marketing campaigns via email marketing and social media. Copywriting, managing web content and reporting were all key parts of our role on this project.

hotel marketing

Outcomes + Results

Via email marketing campaigns and paid social media posts we were able to successfully boost sales for regular foodie events. Social media followers, email subscribers and blog impressions grew consistently month on month. (The hotel has now been sold and runs under new management and a new name.)

“Steph always delivers on deadline with good quality work. Would Strongly Recommend!”

– Attin Anadkat, Hotel Maiyango

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