Add to Event

Event website / Blogging + Social Media

Add to Event are an online marketplace for event suppliers and event planners to meet and easily plan unique and exciting events. They are a rapidly growing and ambitious start-up and the team needed additional support to create and deliver content.

We worked with Add to Event on a freelance basis for sometime, writing event planning blogs and guides for building the perfect party. We wrote web copy and conducted keyword research for SEO. We helped to manage business event listings and proof user content. We also created and scheduled social media posts across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Outcomes + Results

We worked on Add To Event’s social profiles to build up an organic level of engagement and following. Social account followers grew month on month and our work supported promotion of the platform which saw awareness and therefore supplier registrations grow considerably each year.

“Steph is an exceptionally talented individual. Her skills in social media, copywriting and research have been a huge asset to our team. She’s diligent and hardworking and is an excellent communicator, always keeping us up-to-date with progress and suggesting areas in which she could help.”

Tim Maughan, Co-Founder

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