sister act

We are creative and collaborative small business marketing consultants. 

Do you think we look alike? Well, we’re sisters (Lucy on the left, Steph on the right) and we make a smashing team! Originally from Durham, we both now live in Yorkshire, enjoy a bit of yoga, plenty of outdoors, the odd house-plant and some really good food.


Our purpose is to work with brands that excite us. To help organisations do good stuff, promote services that help others, and add something special to the world.

Our vision is to work with brands with heart and soul. To make marketing more accessible to small businesses, by breaking things down and speaking in real, relatable terms.

(We also support agencies, who need short-term or ad-hoc assistance, to deliver projects and campaigns to their clients.)


Check out our LinkedIn pages (Steph, Lucy) for more about our background and some glowing testimonials.

Steph and Lucy x

Your Small Business Marketing Consultant

Over the years we’ve found that many small or new businesses know they want some marketing support, but often don’t know exactly what they need. More often than not the answer is to create a strategy or plan that helps to discover and shape the purpose behind a brand and therefore the purpose of its marketing. We help organisations put the foundations in place and aim to empower owners and managers to confidently do their own marketing, run their own campaigns and develop their own content (or at least understand the process so they can confidently delegate.)

We also love to write. Copywriting and creating content has always been a big part of what we do. As well as crafting copy ourselves, we work with a team of freelance creatives and can support with the delivery of projects and campaigns as well as the planning. See some of the talented designers, photographers, web developers and more that we work with here. As your campaign managers, we can oversee a full range of creative marketing projects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been freelance marketers?

A: Since 2014. And we both worked in marketing for a number of years before that (we also both have marketing degrees.)

Q: Which industries do you work with?

A: We work with consumer-facing organisations. We have done a lot of work with hotels, events, and food and drink brands. We also work with not-for-profit organisations, particularly those who support wellbeing, health, and young people. 

Q: Are you really sisters?

A: Yes! 


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