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We manage, plan, create, and get things done. We oversee creative campaigns, marketing projects and content briefs.

We also happen to be


Lucy and I work closely together on the management and structure of campaigns. Content marketing is where we got started, we have been creating content for the web for many years (whether that’s copywriting, creating video, blogging or developing social media content.)

This developed into us helping busy entrepreneurs, organisations and agencies communicate with the world in a creative, organised and focussed way.

how we work...

As freelancers, we have built up a fantastic network of other creative people who we have had the pleasure of working with. We have created a select pool of partners – a Creative Collective – who we call on to work with when we need specialist skills (for example – design, photography, web development, SEO, etc.)

For smaller content projects, Steph and Lucy are on hand to work directly with you. 

For bigger marketing campaigns, work with Steph and Lucy as your campaign managers but also gain the skills, experience and expertise of our creative collective.

what makes us different?

We want to build something a bit different….

We pride ourselves in being honest, open, kind and down to earth. We only work on projects we know we can excel in.

For clients, this means you get a team you can trust to do the best for your business.


want to get in touch?

We’re happy to have a conversation over email, phone,
video or a coffee.


steph@slcontent.co.uk / lucy@slcontent.co.uk