A Campaign For #DecoratingMonth

We love writing content and appreciate a chance to mix things up, so when our proptech client Letproof asked us to grow their social media following, our #DecoratingMonth campaign was born. 


This specific startup’s focus was property related, targeting both landlords and tenants.  We felt that we might be missing out on certain audiences that the startup would be relevant to, but weren’t being reached while we focused our efforts around the property topic alone. We wanted to tap into potential user interests from a slightly different angle.

We became aware of #DecoratingMonth taking place in April and celebrated and encouraged all things DIY and decorating. We set out a specific content calendar for the month and allocated some social advertising budget. We research the audience and popular trends around decorating, property and interiors. 

Here’s how we executed #Decoratingmonth:

We wanted to get a little creative with our social media activity and the content we were sharing for this campaign, so we made sure we were sharing plenty of content and a good variety too, plus #DecoratingMonth was great for eye-catching visuals and lots of colour!

Decorating Tips – fresh social content

We created a #decoratingtip for each day of the month and shared these across our social media platforms, providing useful content.  Most of these tips were written to be useful for any of our target audience, however, we targeted some towards landlords and others towards tenants, ensuring our useful tips were specific to our audienceWe shared articles, images, video demonstrations and gifs, linked to articles and tagged authors or bloggers where we could.

These posts went out alongside our usual line of social media activity, keeping our previous reach while we rolled out this new campaign.

Competitions – incentivising 

We rolled out three competitions over the month to get new people engaged. We worked with My Paintbrush and Rose and Grey to offer a £50 gift vouchers and we asked followers for their favourite decorating tips, offering a book as the prize for the most creative.

Guest Blog – influencer marketing

We created a blog for stylish interiors blog Topology – a fun quiz with famous interiors from some well-loved films. Topology have a strong blog following and also shared our guest blog on their social channels.

Blogs – building a brand

We created some blogs of our own directly on the property platform, around tenant friendly decorating in rented homes.  This offered useful advice and some inspirational images, whilst also adding some lovely new content and visuals to the platform.

Mixing up our approach through this social campaign was successful in generating new followers, particularly on Twitter. We saw engagement on both Facebook and Twitter peak considerably during the month, and ultimately we could report that the campaign influenced visits to the website and sign-ups. Plus we can certainly say that as two homeowners and crafty individuals, we really enjoyed celebrating #DecoratingMonth!